The innovative i-Mega-Line shock absorber is the latest addition to our range of products.

The new shock absorber can be controlled via PC or PLC and the damping characteristic can be set externally. The i-Mega-Line shock absorber can be used in situations where precise braking forces are required for various masses. Another possible application would be adjusting the shock absorber to varying temperatures in order to maintain a constant damping curve. 

The i-Mega-Line series consists of three components: shock absorber, control unit and control module.
Two different versions of the shock absorber are available: the WE-iM 0.5x19 with a 19 mm stroke and the WE-iM 1.0 with a 25 mm stroke. The W-iD control unit is also part of the range of products. The W-iCP control module is used to control the shock absorbers and is at the core of the new development.