The highest level of efficiency is required for the production, transport and mounting of state-of-the-art industrial goods in all elements. Especially when large masses, such as cranes, in the steel industry or in passenger and freight lifts are to be moved, this affects the damping elements, of course. They must be able to absorb impact forces absolutely reliably, even at high speeds, in order to protect equipment and produced goods.

The crane buffers are fitted to the end stops of cranes, crane tracks or 'cats' if hydraulic shock absorbers cannot be used because of the speed or installation space.

Overrun buffers for elevators are used according to DIN EN 81 for lifts with low speeds up to 1.2 metres per second. Weforma provides hydraulic shock absorbers for freight and passenger lifts with higher speeds.

Elastomer springs
are especially suited for isolating oscillations when mounting sensitive goods and products. They are a cost-effective alternative for damping at low speeds in machine and plant manufacturing.